Interview with NSS radio show on SYN FM, By Mathew Dinelli.

At NSS we have a program called “Communities on air”, where a group of people from NSS have a 1 hour show on the radio station SYN FM. We meet the group to interview them.

Q.  Can you tell us about the program and who you are? 

A.  My name is Jade and what we do is, on a Thursday we go to RMIT and we broadcast live to radio. Our group is Jonathan, Trung, Chong Micheal, J.J and myself.

Q.  How do you choose which music you play?

A.  We bring in our CD’s , We put them on iTunes, burn them on a blank CD and then we put them into our program.

Q.  That sounds technical. Do you get to use any technical equipment?

A.  We use microphones and headphones.

Q.  What kind of things do you talk about on air?

A.  We talk about the lost dog’s homes, the best and worst segment and different seasons. This week we are talking about the Bundoora art show, “Northern Lights” which has artists from NSS exhibiting.

Q.  Finally, what is the station number and what time and day is your show?

A.  Our show is on Thursdays at on syn fm 90.7.

Thank you and we’ll listen in!  Check out the links below!

SYN FM link:

Lost dog’s home link:

Northern Lights link:




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