James and the Giant Peach Review Continued… By Maryanne

Hello everyone, I have continued reading James and the Giant Peach. The book as continued as follows:

  • James and the insects captured 502 Sea gulls. Then the peach began to lift.                   
  • The peach flew across the sea and passed the Queen Mary ship.
  • The captain and officers got their binoculars out and could see James and the insects.
  • The centipede fell over the edge of the peach into the sea. James got   some string, put it around him and went after the centipede.
  • The peach went through the clouds and past the cloud-men. The centipede insulted the cloud-men so they threw hail stones at the peach.
  • The cloud-men made a rainbow as well and the peach crashed into it
  • The peach was then stuck and the cloud-men were heading for them.

 This week a fact came up in the book which I wanted to share with you all:

Short horned grasshoppers have ears in the sides of the abdomen. Long-horned grasshoppers and crickets have ears in the knee-joints of their front legs.

That’s it for where I am up to this week, look forward to sharing where I get up to with you next week.



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