Face book by Michael Shields.

Hi all well i am addicted to face book know the reason for this is because i like to talk to my friends from croxton school on it i like to play games and share my favorite music with my friends i hope others will like it to ples feel free to flow me on this spicale website on face book and have fun on  the site but when you first look you need to create a Facebook account then you can talk to your friends on it when ever you like add pics and stuff like that for example. rectantley i said this on the radio and advertised it there for pepoel to go on to at syn FM when i did this thought it was a good idea i hope that others think the same way that i did i ues it mouer often like me it is an amazing website to go to talk to your friends on and scoilelize on and great website for games and shawering pics music on hope you can viste this site wehen you have time go on it. it is my Favorite thing to on the web at the moment. and i am shouer others will like it to. and you have to geat your persnts permeation be for sigheing up for face book like i did.


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