The Arts Project in Northcote by Chris O’Brien

I work at the Arts Project in Northcote 4 days a week. I make model houses out of cardboard and then put weatherboards on them. I use cardboard for the roof. I can also make plastic houses and clay houses. I have also made a house out of mirrors. My next project is to make a house out of old mobile phones. I will be doing this on Monday from 9am-3pm. On Tuesdays I make houses out of clay. On Thursday and Friday  I do Print Making with Glen. And he helps me print stuff out. On Wednedays I go to Northern Support Services. I do a Blog on the computer in the morning with Kat. In the afternoon I do more Computer Literacy with Kara. Kara is supporting me to make a book with pictures of the houses in Ramsey St from the TV show “Neighbours”. It is my favourite show on TV. I have met Paul Robinson at the Arts Project. He was funny when I met him and I showed him my book which he liked. By Chris O’Brien


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