Car Racing last Weekend – by Chris O,Brien

Last weekend I watch the car racing on channel 10 it started at 12 oclock in the afternoon and finished at 6pm. It was the V-8 formular 1 car racing cirtcuit and I loved it. Ford won the first race and there were lots of accidents that happened during the race which made it very exciting. Lots of the cars jhad to have their tyres change regulary because they were driving so fast. The Ford racing team is very strong and unbeatable. I was going for Ford and wanted them to win.

The following race the holden racing team won they were really great on the track and beat Ford. The racers were driving fast even though it was raining which made it very difficukt to race. I was happy that Holden won the second race because I am a Holden fan too. It was good that both Ford and Holden won.

I love watching the car racing and enjoyed my 6 hours of viewing and get happy about the races and will always watch car racing on TV.

i encourage everyone to get into the car racing it is great

From Chris O’Brien


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