Well today I will be blogging about my RADIO PROGRAM big news. By Michael Shields.

Well Hi all well the radio program guys are doing a new thing which is called making a advertisement for nss radio program. We are in the process of getting pics and talking about how our posters will look and where they will go up. And there will be more news about this when it comes to hand in next week bloggers keep blogging on guys and enjoy.

And I wil be on air on the Television seat to at syn TV which I am so looking forward to doing that and we will be learning about how cameras are made and how they put music on the t.v. and how they put ads on the t.v. what goes on behind the scenes of a television studio and at the end of the day will be celebrating with friends and family which will be so much fun. I am so excited to do It I cant wait till it starts next year hope to see you all there and watch us on syn tv made for students with disabilities and support us too. We will thank all of you so much for your support on radio and television.

By Michael Shields.


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