My Fitness and love for sports – by Jay Jay

Last Sunday I had a soccer game and I was very excited. I was helping out my cousin and coach – Anthony Rizzollo for our team the Northern Falcons. I encouraged the team to move forward and get fit. I scored a goal on the game and was really proud of myself even though we didn’t win Anthony was so proud of me and I was proud of myself.

On Tuesday night I also do soccer training with Anthony so we can be ready for the weekend games. During training I help out by encouraging the team to talk to each other building team spirit and communication. When the coach gives the team a drill to do I support him and help make it happen.

When the Northern Falcons played on Sunday and we lost it was still fun playing against another team and its not about winning its about having fun. Even though we lost it was exciting and fun to play and we got to meet the other players from the other team. My family were also there to support me and the Northern Falcons and that made me proud and happy.

We are having a tournament soon and will keep you bloggers posted on that it would be great if you could come out and support us. We play at the Thornbury Park soccer training grounds and would love to see everyone there.

Love my sports and especially my soccer as I am the Captain of the team and would love all of you to come out and support and cheer for us.

By Jay Jay


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