My Holiday Break and My Birthday Celebrations – Adam Tully

Over the holidays I went shopping with my sister to get all of the food and drinks for my birthday party which was a cocktail party. We went to Coles and bought finger foods and drinks and the Chinese boxes with the bags for the party. We went back home and set everything up and waited for my family to arrive so we could celebrate. I turned 22 years of age and my family were really proud of me. I had some finger food with my family and some drinks and I had an orange and poppy seed cake for my birthday cake. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and gave me lots of presents. We later played the time zone basketball game that my sister and her boyfriend bought me as a birthday present. I got a Coles Myer voucher from my mum and can’t wait to spend it on myself

The day after my birthday party I went shopping with my aunty and my mum and did some shopping at highpoint and had lunch there – I had Chinese food which was rice and noodles which I loved. Most of the time over the holidays I played on the computer and hung around with the family.

I’m happy to be back at NSS because I am back in my old contact room with Kat and I’m enjoying being there with David and Michael. Yesterday was my actual birthday and Kat got a birthday cake for me and all my friends came to my contact room and sang happy birthday to me and I was really happy. Nadia my good friend brought me a bracelet back from Italy and I loved it. Last night I went to a Thai restaurant for another birthday celebration with my family and I bumped into Emma from NSS and was really happy about that. I had a caramel cake at the Thai restaurant and loved it – soooo yummy.

Ok all you bloggers talk again soon

From Adam Tully


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