Chris O’Brien

Dear Bernie,   The time is 10:15am and I am with Kat my teacher at NSS in Northcote. I have a new phone but it’s the same number so you can call me at 7 o’clock at night or 4 in the afternoon. How are you Bernie hope you are very well, I have missed you and your fun personality. Alise said to say hullo she misses you too and we all wish you were here. I would love to come and visit you in Broome with Alise for a Holiday that would be great. If I like Broome I might stay there for good – how does that sound then we can see each other all the time and do paintings of each other. It’s been very cold in Melbourne with ice on the lawn and getting as low as 2 degrees and I don’t like Melbourne any more it smells like a pair of old socks and stiff like a piece of metal ha ha. Cant wait to see you and hear from you hope that will happen soon.   Love Chris & Alise (from Arts Project)


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