Chris O’Briens – email to a good friend

Hi all you bloggers out there, here is an email I just sent to a dear friend of mine that works in an Arts Centre in Sydney. She is a great person and I met her at the Arts Project in Northcote. Hope you enjoy reading it – love youse all!!!

Hello how are you going Emma?

I want to catch up with you and I might have an exhibition up there in Sydney with my art work. my  friend kathy might be bringing me to SYDNEY and I would like to catch up. And I would like to do a painting of you and can you please send a photo of you to me. How is the art centre going, and I would like come and visit when I get up there one day. And are you going out with anybody and can I please have your mobile number so I can send you a message. And I would like to make a model of your house too out of cardboard and can I have your address so I can send you a letter. I would love to visit you and stay at your house. Melbourne smells like a pair of old socks these days. what car are you driving now  – keep in touch

Chris O’brien (with the help of KAT NSS)

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