Chris O’Briens – letter to a friend

Hi Cathy,

Hi how are you going I would like to talk to you about going up to NSW for a couple of weeks and catching up with you and checking out some old houses. I would love to have my Birthday up there and celebrate with you. I am excited about seeing your chickens and patting and maybe holding one of them. I would also like to meet your cats and play with them as well. I would like you to talk to my Dad to see if I’m allowed to come up to see you that would be great. I would love you to drive me around when I come up there I’m so excited to see you and know we will have a great time.

Guess what you probably know that our team Hawthorn won – woohoo I’m so happy. I also getting used to using my new Samsung phone you’ve got my number it’s still the same please give me a call.

I’ll tell you some news I’ve been going to Northern Support Service and write stuff on their Blog with a worker called Kat who Is really nice to me and makes me laugh. I also do computers in the afternoon with a worker called Salu who is nice. You can get on the blog by going on the net and typing

Lots of Love from

Chris O’Brien (supported by Kat NSS)


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