Sundays Social Gathering – By Jay Jay

Hi all you bloggers out there,

Tyler Gibson co-ordinated a social gathering at Stuzzis on Sunday of last week. I helped him during the organization process and with the invitations and he really appreciated the help. On the day I was asked by Tyler to do a speech about the day and the work that was done to get the outcome. I was really nervous but I built up my confidence and did a great speech and everyone clapped and thanked me for the good speech that I made. There were a lot of our friends there and some of their family members came as well we took up half of the cafe and everyone was nice to everyone. I’m so proud of Tyler having thought of this idea and I’m so proud of myself for supporting him and overcoming my fears and speaking in front of everyone so confidently.

I cant wait for the next social gathering in September we will go to a different venue which I will research and help Tyler organize. Go everyone for coming and thanks to Kat for all her help – it was a great day and the rest of the gatherings will be even greater.

By Jay Jay


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