What I did over my weekend – By Michael Shields.

On my weekend I had my birthday party it was good I had a lot of fun with my friends playing with them and dancing with them. My friends who come are Tyler, Taylor, Nadia, Adam and Jade.

We had a yummy chocolate cake with nuts in it and everyone sang happy birthday to me and they cheered for me and we cut the cake and ate the cake.

I tried to play the track frozen for Adam but Taylor got freaked out and ran out of the room so we couldn’t play that song – Taylor needs to go to the music appreciation program and learn to love different music.

Tyler got me a new CD for my birthday and it was so fresh and Adam got me an ITunes voucher with $30 on it. I got $60 in cash from Taylor and Nadia, plus my family got me an IPhone 6 and my Aunty gave me $60 – woohoo. I’m soooo lucky to have such giving friends and family.

They all had a good time at my birthday party at my house. I just can’t wait for my next party


By Michael Shields





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