My email to my friend Cathy – by Chris Obrien

Hi Cathy,

How are you going, I might get to come to your place for a visit on the holidays. Im going to talk to the staff at NSS to help me get a support worker so I can come for a holiday. I might be able to stay up your way till after Christmas and come and visit you occasionally. Im still trying to find a nice girl to have as a girlfriend and go out with her too. Chris Masson said to say hullo to you but he said it in a grumpy way – funny stuff. I think I would like you to tell Daniel to shave off his beard when I come up there or else I wont talk to him anymore – hope he likes that idea. Guess what its going to be stormy in Melbourne later today sometime and I’m not looking forward to that I tell you. Guess what I’ve got an IPhone 4 and its still the same number so you can call me anytime – that’s good news huh. I’m not sure if I told you or not but I’m preparing to do a painting of your house with your new car out the front of it. Today I’m at Northern Support services doing the Blog program and computer program. Go on to the Blog on wordpress NSS. I have been learning how to read and writer on these programs so I’m really happy about that. Hope to hear from you again soon love to you and Daniel and your pets.

Keep in touch

Chris O’Brien


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