Bernies House – a story by Chris O’Brien

A one storey house it is. And it, s got number 9 on the

house. Chris and Bernie live in the house and she has  my last name. There are 2 Bernie, s living in that house and there is a cat called Lyn. Lt, s a black cat and it gets hot in the sun. And there are 2 dogs a

mini fox called james and james 2 And we have fish

in a pond out the front of the house. L play

with my  motor controlled yacht in the pond

and l try and catch fish. There is a sports car out

the front a red one in the 2 Bernie .s drive way.

There, s a picket fence a new one white with

Green  guttering and green window frames.

l really enjoy living in this house with 2

Bernie’s, the cat. That’s the end of that little story hope you enjoyed it comment on it if you did.


By Chris O’Brien


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