Cara and Chris – by Chris Obrien

Hi all you bloggers out there this is my story about a fake house that I live in with a fake address at 14 South Cresent. This old house has a cyclone fence and an old garden out the front and an old crusty letter box with lichen on it – yuk.

Chris and Cara live here there’s two Caras and the one with the pony tail is grumpy and the three of us work at Northern Support Services once a week. One of the Caras drives a HumV  car to Arts Project every day. Chris has 20 phones and he has an Iphone 4 S and they all go off at the same time. Cara gets frustrated and runs around and turns them off. The Cara tosses some of them on the floor and Chris just isn’t happy about that.

The inside of the house has a big kitchen/dining room and it has a big TV in it a Sony surround sound and screen and Chris watches shows on it. The Hum V that Cara drives is pink and Chris doesn’t like it. The three of them own 3 foxes and they are brown and white their names are Lyn – the two of them; and we’ve got the cat which is black and white called Cameron and it has green eyes.

We live near the railway station and Lyn stays over sometimes and sleeps in the room with the dogs. That’s the end of that little story hope you enjoyed it.

Bye for now

Chris O’Brien


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