Hi all you bloggers out there its Roger the Dodger again. Lately I haven’t been dodging in contact that much cos my key worker Kat got me some cross word books so Im now staying in contact – Party’s on in there now!!!!
Over the holidays I’m planning a lot of stuff. Im going to get into sports, sports and more sports. The cricket is on tv all throughout the holidays and I’m going to watch it and my brother Wilson is going to take me to the mcg over the holidays to watch the cricket live – woohoo. I’m going to play soccer and football with my brother Wilson at the parks around my home and play cricket in the back yard.
As well as sports Im going to do lots of stuff on my computer and go to the gym and follow what Melbourne victory are doing. Lots of things to do over the break but ill miss my staff and friends at NSS and hope the holidays pass real quick so I can get back there soon.
Chat again soon bloggers

Catch yas

Roger “the dodger” Pan.


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