My story about my childhood – by Jay Jay

Hi you all Bloggers out there it me DJ JAY JAY. This is my short story about my life in New Zealand when I was growing up. Back in New Zealand when I was young my brother and everyone in my family even my mum and dad and my grandmother and my grandfather love to tell a story about me and my brother and my sister and my grandfather and my parents will take me and my brother and we will stand right next to the small train and my sister would takes photos of me and my brother next to the train.

Every day my brother will take me to that place that he loves to take photos at. He would take me to the airport with a small statue and my brother enjoyed getting photos done in front of that statue my brother always love to get his photos done – what a show off – but I love him.

Back then our family would sit around watching family videos of me when I was like two years old my family and my brother would pull funny faces at me. There are 10 people in my direct family including my grandparents so when we sit around together we make a big crowd. I love my family they are the best and I’m looking forward to spending some time with them over the holidays.

Ok bloggers over and out for now catch yas next time

Love Jay Jay


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