My Story about the two Kates – by Chris O’Brien

Chris and Kat 1 and Kate 2 who is grumpy live in 83 Kent St the house has a green roof and red bricks. It also has a nice garden in the front yard. The land that it is built on is big and has 3 bedrooms and four fire places. Kat 1 drives a yellow Volts wagon and drives Chris to Arts Project Australia. She also works at Beraldo Coffee and so does Kate 2. They make lunch for Chris everyday; sandwiches and coffee Kate 2 always upsets the Beraldo coffee staff because she is always grumpy. Kate 2’s car is an old red Toyota and it spits out smokes like a chimney and it is very rusty.

In the arts project studio Chris makes model houses and James helps him build them. James has a car and it’s a Honda Jazz which is dirty and has duct tape all over the mirrors. The interior of the car is also dirty and Sahra also helps Chris makes his model houses and he comes into the studio four times a week and at Northern Support Services to work on computers in the morning and afternoon. At Northern Support Chris researches 83 Keat St and found our when it was built

The End

By Chris O’Brien


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