My Gym Experience – By Jay Jay

Hi all you bloggers out there its me again Jay Jay – My story is about how I got all my results at the gym and the way I arrived at the gym.

When I arrived at the gym everyone did what I did at the start they warmed up then after that everyone had to pair up with a partner and stand in front of each weight and then after when everyone finished doing all of the weights everyone had their break they had to go back and pair up with the same partner again that they had before.


It was a long work out with lots of different weights that everyone had to use and it was a really long day for everyone so after when the long work out was done everyone left the gym room and the two trainers stayed back in the gym room cleaning up the weights and the top pole where everyone was lifting themselves up.


I sometimes don’t know how I do it because its hard to keep committed to staying fit and strong. I don’t know how the trainers do it they seem to be at the gym 24/7 clearly they haven’t got a life.


With all my hard slog at the Gym I have lost another 2 kilos and feel very proud of myself and all my friends and family are proud of me too.


Catch yas next week bloggers stay deadly


Jay Jay


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