My Contact Room Christmas Party by Jay Jay

Hi you all bloggers out there it’s me again – Jay Jay

My Contact rooms Christmas break up party BBQ was yesterday at Emerald Park in the Dandenong’s.

Yesterday which was Tuesday my Contact room went out all day and sat next to the Lake. We also had the Puff and Billy train running along the other side. Rick – our key worker and I cooked the BBQ. We had sausages and hamburgers patties and chips and dips and lollies and ice cream and fruit – man were we full in the guts.

We all sat and ate and talked and ate and sat and relaxed. We also got presents from our contact room key workers being Rick and Catherine. The boys got their presents first – as usual and the girls got their present second. Next year that will change I’ll make sure of it and the girls will get their presents first!!!!!!

Rick forgot to bring the balls so we can play around and have a bit of a soccer game; so we played relay races instead. It was great fun because I won the game and beat all the boys.

We were lucky because it was a beautiful sunny day and not too hot; Penny and I were having a competition as to who had the best sunny’s that was fun too because I won that one as well!!!!

WINNING – That’s just me guys.
Talk more next year after the break where I will fill you in on what mischief I got up to.


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