Shannon’s blog

This is Shannon’s entry for the 13th of April 2016

I enjoy watching The Wiggles. I really enjoy watching the old, original Wiggles, with Greg, Anthony, Murry and Jeff.

ipad-art-wide-wiggles-420x0    My favorite of The Wiggles friends is Dorothy the Dinosaur.  I like her because she dances around the seems a of fun.  I also like Captain Feathersword, because he is really silly.

dorothydino      wiggle_narrowweb__300x307,0 I like listening to all their songs as they make me happy and they are lots of fun to listen to.

Today I watched The Wiggles ‘Wiggly Safari’ on youtube.  In this video The Wiggles go on an adventure in the wild and learn about animals with Steve Irwin.

TheWigglesandSteveIrwin  It was fun to watch the songs with the dancing in the bush and learn about all the Australian animals.  After that I watched some videos about VLine trains in Little River, Melbourne.  vline-logo-180x89

That’s all for today




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