Things I like to do by Shannon

(this was an old blog we was unable to upload and that’s why some of the information is old)

My name is Shannon.  On weekends I enjoy spending time watching television.  This weekend I watch the Simpsons.  I like watching the Simpsons.


This is the Simpson family. Homer, the dad, Marge the mum, Bart the son, Lisa the daughter and Maggie the youngest. They have a pet dog named Santa’s little helper and a cat named Snowball.

Here they are watching TV in their house. Homer is always drinking beer and Bart likes drinks from the quickie marts.

I like watching the Simpsons because they make me laugh, especially Homer who is the funniest.


I enjoy watching the motor racing on television.

Very soon the formula One racing will begin. The Formula One Grand Prix has already began and the big final race will be on March 20th.

I will watch the race from home this year and will most likely eat a toasted cheese sandwich.  My favourite car are the Red Bull drivers.  This year the drivers are Daniel Ricciardo and Danil Kvyat



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