Patrick Swayze By Sarah Veli

Patrick Swayze was born August 18st 1952 he was 57when he died Patrick Swayze died 14/9/09. Patrick Swayze became known to people for his roll in the TV show Exters and M*A*S*H. From there he did stand-up comedy and films. Patrick Swayze had meny of films but my favourite films are; Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Keeping Mum, Waking up in Reno, Father Hood, road house, red dawn ,Along for the ride, tall tale, and. I enjoyed watching these moves because they were sexy and made me laugh, and were enjoyable to watch. Patrick Swayze was a sexy, happy and a laugh and will be missed by everyone.



The Smurfs 2 by Maryanne

In the holidays I went to the movies at Northland.  I saw The Smurfs 2 and it was a good movie.  I thought the animation was good.  I like the characters of the movie.  The lady smurf had a birthday and the other smurfs got her a cake and sang “Happy Birthday”.  Gargamel liked the lady smurf.  He took her somewhere nice then locked her away.  He then locked the other smurfs away too.  Papa smurf and the other smurfs came to the rescue.  I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.